Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What this blog is about

This blog came about because I finally figured out what somebody was asking for. Almost as an aside, someone at work asked me about blogging and if and how it would be useful for some project they might be entertaining at a later date. This is a very standard kind of inquiry that I might get.

At first, I thought they wanted to know how a blog technically operates on a server and how to maintain it, etc. On further questioning, I really found out this person needed to know how a blog operates in a more organic sense.

While I couldn't write a blog on the subjects that this person was interested in, I could write this blog as a protoblog, as it were. It shows the amount of time involved, and that person knows me well enough to understand what is being blogged about.

That's how it started, but that's not where it is going. I really don't know exactly where, and that's OK with me. I just know that at this point I am enjoying it more than I expected to, and like
housekeepers, it's cheaper than therapy.


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